Magnificent Mage Men


A week long game jam project created at Bungie by myself and one other person.

Magnificent Mage Men is a local multiplayer game in which up to 4 players can have wizard battles in an arena that breaks apart over time.

My work on this project included: 

  • Designing the level blockout in Unreal 4
  • Creating the arena pieces in Maya
  • Hand painting all the arena textures in Photoshop
  • Putting together the final scene in Unreal using the arena I created with a basic foliage pack
  • Lighting, effects, and post processing in the final scene

This was my first experience creating an asset and hand painting the textures for it; additionally I set up the materials for my work in Unreal and created emissive runes for the arena to solidify the "magical" feeling of the level.



Initial Graybox

I blocked out the initial level in Unreal Engine 4 using the graybox brushes available. From there, I was able to import those static meshes into Maya where I modeled new assets over the old ones.

The arena

In order to support the gameplay idea of a breakable arena, I needed to separate the arena out into 4 pieces. Each piece was modeled and textured individually.

final result

The end result after bringing the textured arena into Unreal 4 and doing all the set dressing. I ended up with a soft afternoon lighting and added various fog particles to support the theme of the floating waterfalls nearby. In the final version, I edited materials on the center rings of the arena to glow and emit light; this provided a more whimsical feeling to the scene.