Project: Balefire


A week long game jam project I created with a team of 11 people. We worked in Unreal Engine 4 to create a VR spell-casting game where players used gesture based spells to defeat each other in one on one combat.

I served as the project lead with another co-lead to concept the creative pitch for the game and spec out the systems.

Post concepting, I served as the level designer on Balefire where I worked with one other level designer and an environment artist. During our week long game jam I created the initial graybox prototype, led the art direction, created some environment art pieces, set up lighting, post processing effects, and implemented audio along with the foliage, arena art assets, and the main tower seen in game.

Initial Graybox

I was responsible for creating the first pass of the gameplay space graybox. The goal was to create an enclosed space that created a sense of a large world surrounding the player. 
In addition to the level graybox, I also did a first pass of modeling the main tower in order to establish an architectural theme.

The Tower

As Project Balefire's setting was based on The Wheel of Time, I set out to create a piece that represented an interpretation of the "White Tower". Above are some screenshots of the modeling process and the implementation into a UE4 level.

final result

The end result is a collaborative effort between myself and my level team, though I personally worked on the level terrain, foliage, arena art, the main tower, and post processing/color effects.