Witch's Adventure

Witch's Adventure is a fantasy, puzzle-based RPG in which a young girl who is the last remaining Witch in Ethily must save the land from invading evil spirits.


Witch's Adventure is a 3rd Person RPG that aims to capture the essence of being a "witch" via ritual puzzles. Rather than direct combat, players are charged with solving puzzles via receiving quests, collecting materials, casting magic circles, then performing rituals correctly in order to banish evil spirits. The game is heavily focused on dialogue, exploration, and the ritual-puzzle mechanic.

The game was created using Unity 5 and Maximo's Fuse character creator with a team of 3 other developers for a semester course at Columbia College Chicago.. I served as Lead Designer on this project, and was also responsible for level design, interaction coding, documentation, and overseeing the direction of the game. The development cycle ran for the 2015 Spring semester at Columbia College Chicago as an independent study.

A vertical slice of Witch's Adventure was completed May, 2015